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About our company

We help couples not only to conceive and maintain pregnancy, but also give birth to a healthy child.

  • Primum non nocere – “First do no harm”

  • Create a truly friendly atmosphere for the whole clinic
  • Establish an individual approach to every treated couple
  • Ensure the maximum provision of information regarding the success rates and risks of the selected procedure
  • Guarantee discretion
  • Respect the individual requests of treated couples

  • Adhere to all ethical guidelines in human reproduction

  • Involve both partners in the treatment

  • Use as few technically, medically or emotionally demanding procedures as possible
  • Minimise the number of appointments during treatment cycles

With whom we work together

We cooperate

Our partners

For follow-up and associated care, we have carefully selected partners who, in our opinion, provide high-standard services and therefore suitably complement our treatment.

Cooperating doctors

Teamwork in medicine is essential. Your local gynaecologist sends you for specialist treatment and he/she is then contacted for additional examinations and information; later on, they take back most of pregnant women into prenatal care. Furthermore, we are in contact with numerous specialists who provide us with information, complete the overall picture of a disorder, and help us enhance the quality of treatment.

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