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Social freezing

The “social freezing” programme is becoming a popular way to retain the chance of giving birth to your own child. It is an ideal solution, when you must postpone a family because of various reasons.

Time schedule for SOCIAL FREEZING

number of visits: 1-2

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Contact us
3-4 weeks

First visit

First step
1-2 months Planning of treatment, ovarian stimulation

Second visit

Second step Oocyte Pick-Up Freezing eggs and Storage

The first visit DSC_0106_arleta

  • The first consultation can be performed personally or online via Skype. Both are free of charge.
  • Payment of the advance payment of EUR 1000 for the treatment can be made in cash, by card or on-line.
  • The client leaves with stimulating medication.
  • When the first consultation is performed on-line via Skype, the client is subsequently sent the medication by post.

Ultrasound check-up

  • During stimulation it is necessary to perform sonography (ultrasound foliculometry and endometrium measurement), based on which the day for the oocyte pick-up is determined. 
  • This examination is usually performed in the country of the client’s residence. Alternatively, it is possible to perform these examinations at the Arleta clinic.

The second visit

  • The oocyte pick-up is performed under short general anesthesia.
  • The payment of the remaining part of the price for the procedure and cryopreservation of oocytes.

IVF Coordinator coordinator

  • The IVF Coordinator communicates with the clients over the entire period of the procedure.
  • The IVF Coordinator provides the clients with all necessary information and ensures every comfort including ensuring air tickets, accommodation in a hotel, transport to the clinic and, if the clients are interested, recommendations concerning cultural events on site.
  • The IVF Coordinator also arranges for the clients’ contact with physicians and other medical staff.


  • The first consultation with the specialist is free of charge.
  • Prior to the beginning of the procedure, the clients pay an advance payment of EUR 1000.
  • The price of the entire procedure – SOCIAL FREEZING is EUR 2270

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