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IVF treatment

Egg donation is an infertility treatment programme which helps couples who cannot conceive by using patient‘s own eggs. For this couples there is a possibility to choose a suitable donor from our database. Thanks to this programme the couples have chance to get pregnant and fullfill their dream.

Time schedule for the IVF EGG DONATION treatment

number of visits: 1-2

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3-4 weeks

First visit

First step
2-3 month Donor selection, synchronization of cycle

Second visit

Extra step Donor's Oocyte Pick-Up Fertilization
5 days
Second step Embryo transfer

The first visit DSC_0037

  • Either both partners interested in the IVF treatment or only the male partner can take part in the first visit when the freezing of the semen (that is subsequently used for the fertilization of the donor’s oocytes) is executed.
  • The advance payment for the treatment in the amount of EUR 2000 is paid in cash, by card or via on-line payment and the clients leave with the preparatory medication.
  • Alternatively, the first consultation can be made on-line over Skype free of charge.

The second visit

  • Both clients come to the clinic on the day of the oocyte pick-up of the donor and the partner’s sperm collection is executed on the grounds of the fertilization of oocytes provided by the donor.
  • If the male partner’s semen is cryopreserved at the clinic already from the previous visit, the female client may come alone on the day of the embryo transfer.
  • The clients will pay the rest of the price for the treatment and cryopreservation of redundant embryos.
  • The clients will stay in the Czech Republic for a period of 5 days until the embryo transfer.
  • If the case of unfavorable conditions for the execution of the transfer (e.g. low endometrium or disease), all embryos are frozen and the transfer is postponed.
  • Where necessary, the preimplantation genetic testing of embryos can be provided.

Ultrasound check-up

  • About a week before embryo transfer it is necessary to perform sonography (endometrium measuring), that is usually executed by the physician in the place of the clients’ residence. 
  • If interested, ultrasound check-up can be ensured at the Arleta clinic as well.

Selection of the donor

  • The IVF Coordinator selects a suitable female donor based on the clients’ requirements.
  • Usually, female donors are immediately available. 
  • All female donor undergo a series of examinations prior to registration in the donation program and their ovarian capacity is ascertained as well. 
  • The guarantee: The clients are guaranteed a mimimum of 6 oocytes from the female donor and 2 blastocysts after a prolonged cultivation.


IVF Coordinator coordinator

  • The IVF Coordinator communicates with the clients over the entire period of treatment.
  • The IVF Coordinator provides the clients with all necessary information and ensures every comfort, starting with the first contact until the positive pregnancy test, including ensuring air tickets, accommodation in a hotel, transport to the clinic and, if the clients are interested, recommendations concerning cultural events on site. 
  • The IVF Coordinator also arranges for the clients’ contact with physicians and other medical staff.



  • The first consultation with the specialist is free of charge.
  • Prior to the beginning of the treatment the clients pay an advance payment of EUR 2000.
  • The price of the entire treatment – the IVF EGG DONATION all inclusive package is EUR 5650. 

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