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How to reach us


Our clinic is located on Road 11 in Kostelec nad Orlicí. You can reach us easily from Hradec Králové by car in 30 minutes. In front of the clinic you will find plenty of parking places (use the breakdown lane directly in front of the clinic).


How to reach us by car

Example routes:

Hradec Králové – Arleta IVF za 35 minut (route here)

Pardubice – Arleta IVF za 40 minut (route here)

Praha – Arleta IVF za 1h 50 min (route here)

Brno - Arleta IVF za 2h 12 min (route here)

How to reach us by public transport

If you are coming by bus(bus), the bus stop is approx. 100 metres from our clinic.

If you are coming by train(train), you will have to walk approx. 1 km from the train station. 


How to reach us by plane

International airports

Airport Brno (BRQ)

Airport Prague (PRG)


Airport Pardubice (PED)

Airport Vienna (VIE)

Airport Bratislava (BTS)