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Our clients' stories

Angela, 45 years old


Review from AS (Ireland)

We initially looked at the possibility of obtaining IVF treatment in our home country (Ireland). Unfortunately, we were completely put off this idea due to the enormous costs involved – one transfer was going to cost around €12,000. Also, the doctor we spoke to was patronising and very negative, which was partly due to the fact I was 43 years of age at the time.

I had more or less given up hope of ever having a child and ended up shelving the idea until last year, when I was 47. I found out by chance from a friend that you could get IVF treatment in the Czech Republic for a third of the price and that they treated women up to the age of 49 years! I was completely unaware of the option of getting IVF treatment abroad. I spent many hours researching the IVF clinics in the Czech Republic (and elsewhere) and found that the Arleta IVF Clinic in Kostelec nad Orlici was the most promising in terms of the detailed information they provided and the costs were given on the website of the various packages, depending on the individual’s requirements.

We did not go for the all-inclusive package as we were happy to book our own flights, hire a car, drive from the airport to the clinic, and book our own hotel. We did this for the first visit and on two subsequent visits we took the train, as there is a regular service from Prague and it takes about 2.5 hrs. As a result of this, we got to explore quite a bit of the beautiful surrounding countryside and small towns around Kostelec nad Orlici, so this was an added bonus!

Once we arrived at the Arleta IVF clinic, the staff treated us with the upmost professionalism. Everything moved quite fast after I had completed the application form in May 2016. On our first visit, in July 2016, we met with the IVF coordinator Michaela and Dr Dolezal; both spoke good English and were very kind and interested in helping us based on our specific needs. They explained the entire process in detail and recommended using donor eggs with my husband’s sperm, given my age. We were able to choose our donor from their anonymous database. After 2 treatment visits to the clinic, I was delighted to find a positive pregnancy test result, following frozen embryo transfer (FET). After an uncomplicated pregnancy, we now have a wonderful baby boy and are over the moon! Thanks to the excellent treatment I received at Arleta IVF Clinic from the wonderful staff, this was made possible. I would highly recommend this clinic, even if you are concerned, like I was, about being over age 45!

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