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Our clients' stories

Katka, 30 years old


Out of the blue, I started thinking about having a baby. I was at the right age (27) and I could hear my biological clock beginning to tick. I told my husband and he agreed. So we started “working” on the baby. At that time I thought we’d get a result straight away. We were both young and healthy. But because my job was very demanding and at the same time I was studying hard in higher education, I was very emotionally and physically exhausted. And it this affected our attempts. Half a year on – nothing; a year later – still nothing. I started to worry and soon these worries began taking control of my life. I could see that everyone around me was pregnant or already had a baby – and I had nothing. Each month I was stressed and expecting a positive result. It really started to consume me. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was going crazy.

After a year of unsuccessful attempts I asked my gynaecologist where the problem might lie. My health was apparently OK. I wanted to know about my husband’s health, so he went for a sperm analysis. It was OK too. So where was the problem? My gynaecologist told me to relax, continue trying and not think about it so much. I accepted it as the only solution – to believe and hope for the best. But each month our attempts failed.

I began to cry all night, gave up all hope and was totally broken. Every pram, every baby was a thorn in my side. I couldn’t stand questions like: “Any news?”, “What about the baby?”, “It’s high time to start” or comments like “These modern girls...” etc. The worst for me was that I worked with other women, so they were discussing children every day. This didn’t help me at all. I was lucky enough to have support from my family – even my mum told me to finish my studies first to get rid of all the stress, then everything would be easier. But what if it wasn’t going to sort itself out? I didn’t want to wait. I wanted that baby so much. 

When my mum saw me – how miserable I looked and without any joy about life – she realised that it wasn’t worth waiting and decided to help. She arranged for our appointment at Arleta. She knew about this clinic from her friends, who had found help getting a longed-for baby there.

I was quite scared at the beginning. It was a step into an unknown world and I was worried whether they could really help us. What if my mental state got even worse? But my desire was much stronger. Thank God...

I was quite nervous going into my first appointment, of course. So was my husband. But there were two of us and we supported each other. And after we met Dr Doležal – that was a load off our minds. He examined me and reassured us that we would have a baby. We started to look for reasons why I could not conceive. After half a year of examinations, we could not find anything, so we agreed on IVF. It’s not possible to just go ahead do it the next day, but I had all the information and I followed the plan. It helped calm my mind and I began to hope that I would finally become pregnant.

But it was not an easy. I had to be injected with hormones and didn’t feel well after them. I felt sick to my stomach, I suffered from migraines and I felt terribly tired. But this couldn’t stop me...

Finally, it all went well at the first attempt, and now we have a beautiful daughter.

I must say, I don’t know if the problem was psychological or if there was some other cause, we’ll probably never know, but it was all worth it! So, if you think that you have the same “problem”, don’t hesitate and contact the perfect Arleta team. The doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and everyone else are great! I’m sure that they’ll help you in their nice, friendly and family-like spirit of cooperation have the baby you long for! Don’t give up!

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