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Our clients' stories

Kerry, 42 years old


I met my husband later on in life so when it came to thinking about having a family the odds were already stacked against me due to age. We tried on our own for a few years before seeking help. I fell pregnant and lost 4 babies before we went down the ivf route. Due to my age we were not eligible for funding so had to find the money to undergo treatment. The medical professionals were not hopeful due to my age (42). Anyway we managed to fund 2 rounds which were not successful and then we had a choice. We could not afford to pay for another cycle so should we just resign ourselves to being childless. I struggled with this thought for months when a friend suggested I go abroad for treatment. So I began to research various countries and clinics. From the initial enquiry Arleta were very helpful. Responsive to emails and we soon set up a date to visit.
At our first visit to the clinic I was impressed by the modern building, the friendly staff and of course by Dr Dolezal. I was also encouraged by the up to date techniques used in the process. We agreed to go ahead with treatment and within 3 months I was back and had two embryos transferred. I was given all the medication I needed up to the point of testing and email support if needed. No question was too much trouble and all my queries were answered. As a result I fell pregnant with twins and they were successfully delivered in October 2014. A boy and a girl.
3 good quality embryos were also stored at the same time.
In Jan 2017 we decided to try for another baby. This time using a frozen cycle with our stored embryos.
Again we received all the help we needed to make our dream come true. This time I came to Czech Rep alone. The process was so simple. The staff and clinic were again so helpful and supportive. Again I fell pregnant and again it was twins. I had an unremarkable pregnancy and in October 2018 my two girls were born.
I cannot describe the happiness that Arleta have brought my husband and I. From a time when we thought we would never be parents to having a beautiful family of 4 wonderful children. We are so thankful and we owe it all to the superb expertise and care of Dr Dolezal and Arleta.


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