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Our clients' stories

Linda, 40 years old


After working hard for several years, at the age of 36 I came to a conclusion that I was ready to have a child. We tried for 2 years and then I decided to see my gynaecologist. My gynaecologist had some doubts and sent me for a laparoscopic examination. Soon after I was diagnosed with endometriosis, which can cause trouble getting pregnant. With respect to my age (38) and the endometriosis, my doctor recommended an IVF clinic. I had no information and I thought that it was too early for such treatment, and I was quite scared since I was just so unprepared. Moreover, I didn’t know then that my insurance company pays for 3 IVF attempts only up until you’re 39. I remembered an old schoolmate who I knew was working at a similar clinic. I phoned her and asked her for all the information regarding artificial fertilisation.  After that I realised that I had very little time to play with, and immediately arranged an appointment. So I got to Arleta. I was really surprised by the family-like atmosphere and wonderful staff, who help you feel comfortable and calm, making sure you’re not scared and keep you feeling upbeat. After a consultation with Dr Doležal, I and my husband decided to go for artificial fertilisation. I thought that it’d be plain sailing and I’d get pregnant first time round. But due to poor health, I was faced with a few complications at the first attempt and I didn’t get pregnant. I then underwent more treatment for the second attempt. However, this too failed. Legislative problems arose with the third attempt and it seemed that I might not be able to try again. I started to reconcile myself to the fact that there would not be any pregnancy by artificial fertilisation, which basically meant no pregnancy or just carrying on with our attempts without medical support. In the end, things were sorted out and I got the go-ahead for a third attempt. My health improved, and so after taking my eggs and their subsequent fertilisation, we had multiple embryos which meant multiple transfers. Until then, this hadn’t happened. We’d only had embryos for one transfer. We were all so happy since we now had more than one chance. The transfer was successful and I got pregnant. However, I miscarried in Week 7. After recovery, my health was even better and I was offered another transfer. And the incredible became a reality – I got pregnant again. This time it was all OK and I gave birth to healthy and amazing twins. I had to go on a long and quite complicated journey before it finally happened. Many thanks to the whole Arleta team who gave me their unyielding support. I’d be happy if my story helped all those who are still in doubt, or are scared, not to be afraid and just do it.

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