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Our clients' stories

Marie, 41 years old


I met my husband when I was 36 and he was 38. After our wedding, I wanted to conceive as soon as possible and I was ecstatic when, 6 months later, I was expecting twins. However, three months after that the heart of one of the twins stopped beating and soon after I miscarried. I felt completely awful, it was so sad... I had wanted them so much. Little did I suspect that my troubles were only just beginning.

After another half year, we tried again. I got pregnant quickly, but it was an ectopic pregnancy and I had to undergo surgery; during the surgery the doctors found out that the other Fallopian tube was inflamed and had to remove it.

So we visited our first assisted reproduction centre. After the consultation, I had more surgery to remove the remaining Fallopian tube and it was time for our first attempt. It seemed that everything was OK: I was pregnant. After fourteen days the pregnancy turned into a missed abortion. This was the first of nine such missed abortions during long five years, plus we tried two assisted reproduction centres.

I was losing hope, I felt frustrated and had no more energy, just like my husband who was not only mentally exhausted but also financially. At one point we were arguing about nearly everything, our conception and pregnancy troubles had put us under a great deal of strain.

Then we were recommended to go and see Dr Doležal from Kostelec.  When we arrived at Arleta, I was surprised by their family-like approach, the pleasant manner of their nurses and their ability to empathise with us. The doctor was ready to try and help us and he made me believe that it would work – he was interested not only in my pregnancy history, but he also wanted to know everything about my health and all the troubles that seemingly had nothing to do with the pregnancy. I underwent several examinations by other specialists and then I got medication for my blood. When two attempts to get pregnant failed, together with our doctor we decided to try a donated egg. It was a very difficult decision for me, but the doctor told me: “You really have to believe that you will get pregnant. Plus, I don’t know any woman who ever regretted her decision to go for a donated egg.”

And today we have a wonderful and healthy boy. I wouldn’t let him go for anything in the world, and when he’s smiling at us and babbling, it is the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced.

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