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We use new gentle and painless oocyte aspiration kits SENSE by VITROLIFE.


If you’re having trouble becoming pregnant, in vitro fertilisation (IVF) may be right for you. IVF is used to treat a range of fertility problems. An IVF cycle involves several different steps that will help you increase the chances of becoming pregnant. One of the first steps is collecting the eggs in order to begin the treatment.

Egg collection may be an emotional and stressful experience for any woman going through IVF treatment. Your eggs will be collected through an ultrasound guided procedure where you may be sedated. A very thin needle is passed through the upper vaginal wall into the ovaries. Fluid, containing the eggs, is removed from each ovary under gentle suction.

Let's recapitulate the benefits of VITROLIFE SENSE:

-SENSE facilitates maximum profit for undamaged eggs;

-improved comfort and safety at the same time, we can see that eggs without anesthesia can be obtained with up to 10 follicles;

-the combination of Sense with color Doppler image reduces the risk of vaginal injury and subsequent injection bleeding;

-The unique design of Sense, with a thin tip and a larger needle body, provides ideal conditions for maximised control, precision, aspiration time and  improved patient comfort during and after the procedure.

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